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Once you become one of our customers,
we take care of you like one of the family

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First-class customer experience

Your importance as a Connect Source customer doesn’t end with the sale. We want your customer experience and the support you receive to match the quality of the services and products we provide. Our team aims to lead the way with customer service within our industry.

We’re open communicators who never dodge the tricky conversations. You can rely on us to listen, learn and improve. And you can have confidence in our ‘leave it with us’ approach to problem solving because we won’t stop until we find you the best outcome possible.

After-sales support you can
depend on

Our business has been built on our ability to meet our customers’ changing needs, grow long-lasting relationships and provide solid, superior after-sales support.

Superior support

A lot of our after-sales support involves relationship building and proactive problem solving. But, when you bring a problem to us, no matter how big or small, you can trust us to respond with clear communication and superior support. We won’t rest until you’re happy.

Attentive listeners

When things go wrong, you need to know we’ll listen to your concerns and insights first, before we act. Consulting and collaborating with you is an essential part of our support strategy. After that, we’ll put our heads together to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Brilliant minds

Our entrepreneurial spirit attracts problem-solvers who thrive on finding simple solutions to complex problems. So, you don’t need to go it alone when you need after-sales support. Our team of brilliant minds becomes your team, working together to find the most effective solution.

‘‘From the outset, the Connect Source team was great to deal with. After going over our scope with our engineering team, they listened to our requirements and took them on board. Then they went away and got to work on a solution.’.’

Martin O’Driscoll, Senior Mechanical Designer, ABT

Proactive, solution-focused

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our core values so we’re proactive with our support. Whether you need help with installation, processes or system issues – our aim is to stay in touch and offer support early on.

We want to add value whenever possible and that means keeping the communication channels open. If we identify a problem, a new solution or a piece of tech that could enhance your operations, you can be sure we’ll be in touch.


High standards and a ‘leave it with us’ approach

We value integrity so we hold ourselves to the highest standards right across our business, from product development to manufacturing quality and, of course, after-sales support.

When you need help, you need to know what we can do and how we’ll do it, so we’re transparent in our communications. If we make a mistake, you can trust us to fix it. Providing you with the support you need to find the best outcome possible is our top priority.

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Quality support every time

Consistent levels of support
Knowing you can have confidence in the customer support you’ll receive makes purchasing decisions easier. Our systemised approach allows us to deliver consistent standards of customer support whenever you need us.

Finding a better way with quality customer service
As a Connect Source customer, we know you’ll discover the quality of our products and services. But we want you to experience quality customer service too. So, we constantly review our own processes and challenge ourselves to search for a better way.

If you’re seeking quality products or services, and the peace of mind
that comes with superior after-sales support, get in touch for a chat.