Module Harnesses

Penske Australia needed new harnesses for a truck repower project



Penske Australia needed new harnesses for a truck repower project

As part of a repower project for some Komatsu trucks, Penske Australia replaced the competitor’s engine with their own inside a module. They then needed module harnesses to connect to the trucks.


New module harnesses

Connect Source worked with Penske Australia on the harness design, then manufactured the module harnesses.


Successful repowering project

Penske Australia repowered around 25 trucks and completed their project successfully.

Trusted innovative solution providers

In addition to these large projects, Penske Australia has trusted Connect Source to resolve a range of smaller issues for over a decade. From making harnesses extra durable by braiding over the top of the existing braiding to improving poorly fitted harnesses, Connect Source reliably finds the best solution.

‘If you need technical and product support for off-highway engines, Connect Source has a team of specialists that can help. And you know you’re going to get personal attention you can rely on.’
Brian Leeder, Industrial Markets Technical Support, Penske Australia

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