Control solutions for every industry


Specialists in automation and control solutions

If you need a control solution for a specific purpose, application or industry, we stock a range of programmable screens and controllers.

Or, if you need something more specific, we can design, develop and manufacture a fully customised electronic control system for you.

Our engineers have extensive experience in embedded electronics, PCB design and software (firmware) control systems.

Plus, our Perth-based manufacturing assembly team can modify or build standard control panels and boxes. Or, you can provide us with your exact specifications, and we can produce a customised electronic control system.

Trusted control
solutions experts

You can rely on our experienced team to help you find (or build) the most suitable control solution
to meet your operational goals.


Whether you need a prototype, a production run or both, we have the flexibility to design and build an effective manufactured solution.


Tap into our expertise and we’ll work to your specifications to build customised electronic control panels using quality components.


Your existing control panels or boxes can be modified by our Perth-based team of specialists to add or remove functionality, as required.

Control solutions for local or remote control
over your assets


Control Panels & Box Building

As specialists in automation and control solutions that enable local or remote control of your assets, we offer a control panel full system design or box building service.

You can request standard control panels and boxes or provide your specifications for a customised build.


Specialty Components

From specialty parts and components that you require for a one-off solution, to small or high-volume purchases, we can help.

If we don’t stock the item you need, you can use our procurement service. We can source hard-to-find parts and despatch them to you.

Precise, customised control solutions

Our Perth-based team is committed to finding you the right control solution (or designing one for you).

If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we have expertise from drafting to custom programming, electronic engineering to manufacturing, to create the solution you need. Just ask.


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