Access the selling power of our established
national products distribution network

give your product faster and easier access to a wider market

You’ve had the great idea. You’ve got interest from the right people. You might even have a
prototype that’s ready to test. But you’re missing a crucial component – a partner who can
guarantee you greater market reach for your new product.

At Connect Source, we build strong relationships and that’s one of the reasons we have a
solid national distribution network. So, whether you’ve developed your product with us or
independently, we can make sure it’s seen by more of the right people.

An established distribution
network you can depend on

As distributors of first-class products like Guardian by Seeing Machines and Momentum, we understand the importance of accessing a large, diligent distribution network.

Enthusiastic distributors

When we find a quality product that aligns with our vision, values, and core capability set, it excites us. We want to help distribute these products because they genuinely assist other businesses to improve and innovate.

Dynamic distribution

No matter how ground-breaking your product is, if you can't get it to market, few people will know it exists. But, with access to a dynamic distribution network like ours, your product will be seen by consumers across every state in Australia.

Brilliant Minds

Our entrepreneurial spirit distingiushes us from other OEMs, so we attract people who dig deeper to find the best solutions. This extends to our distributors, who are all part of the Connect Source family. We're relentlessly determined to put your product on the map.

‘I would recommend Connect Source and Guardian by seeing Machines to any company with a fleet of vehicles angaged in long hours or high-risk work.’

Sean Banfield, Chief Information Officer, Lindsay Australia Limited

Your Pathway To Product Distribution

It isn’t easy finding a distributor for a new product – especially if you’re also a new start-up. You need to research potential suitable distributors, convince them to take on your product and negotiate the terms of your agreement.

When you partner with Connect Source to bring your product to market, you get access to our Australia-wide distribution network. That means the hard work has been done for you, freeing you up to focus on perfecting your product.

Contact us for a chat about how Connect Source can help make your product distribution easier.


Distribution that complements product development

Our unique Development Journey framework was created to make product development possible for start-ups and OEMs – distribution is a key part of the journey.

As your project partners through any stage of product development, we offer you access to our extensive Australia-wide network of distributors. So, you can depend on us to place your product in front of the widest audience possible.

Start your Development Journey

Quality assured innovation

Quality Network
You can rely on our distribution network’s demonstrated commitment to delivering quality service.

Quality Processes
We offer a practical, proven and cost-effective process that consistently places your product in front of your target audience.

Want to learn more about accessing our established national
product distribution network? Get in touch for a chat today.