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Custom Wiring Harnesses


Australia’s Leading Supplier of Wiring Harnessess

Based in Perth, Western Australia, since 1992, Connect Source has provided custom wiring harnesses to businesses across the country.

Wiring harnesses are an essential part of any automotive system. They organise and protect the fundamental wiring elements within equipment and machinery. Diagrams are provided with the wiring harnesses, giving direction as to assembly and preparation of the wires.

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Custom automotive wiring harnesses


Manufactured original to your requirements or to Specifications


State of the Art Facilities


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Quality of Workmanship by an Australian Team


ISO Accredited, High-Quality

As the leading supplier in Australia of wiring accessories, you can be confident that Connect Source will provide high-quality wiring solutions to your business to ensure your operations are not interrupted.

At Connect Source, we have chosen to measure ourselves and be independently certified against three of the most well know ISO standards.  You can be confident with the quality of workmanship and materials in our harnesses.


Bespoke & Innovative Solutions

Your wiring harnesses’ quality and your supplier’s ability to provide innovative manufacturing solutions can be make or break for your machinery or equipment.

The specific harness needed for your project may need a custom design. Once you supply Connect Source with the relevant information, our team take care of all aspects of designing and manufacturing, custom made to your specifications.  We work in collaboration with you to find the bespoke solution that you need.


Manufactured In Australia

All custom-made automotive wiring harnesses are put through thorough quality control tests throughout each design and manufacturing stage. This ensures the safety of your equipment and your staff.

Best of all, with the full manufacturing process happening here in Australia, with local workers, we can provide smooth and efficient communications at all stages, and improved turnaround times.

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How Custom Wiring Looms Benefit your Fleet Management

Wiring accessories are crucial for keeping electrical systems organised. They are also vital for improving the organisation, and ensuring the smooth operation, of your fleet. Connect Source supplies a wide range of wiring accessories, such as wiring looms, to ensure your projects are finished to the highest quality.

Essentially, the key to successful fleet management is the ability to solve problems quickly when they arise. Connect Source ensures you have all the resources required to efficiently maintain your machinery and provides customised wiring harness design solutions for your fleet.


Need a wiring harness manufactured to meet your specific requirements? We can help – get in touch today.

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