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Unlock The Value Of Your Data With Momentum

Momentum is a data aggregation platform that fully integrates with your existing business systems and disparate data sources to bring them together in one place.

Using a suite of built-in business intelligence tools, you can unlock the true value of your data in ways that make sense to your business.

How Momentum
transforms operations

Momentum has the flexibility to integrate with select external telemetry providers and our range of in-house engineered hardware and software solutions.


240+ Connect Source customers use Momentum to manage thousands of connected assets.


Integrates with Seeing Machines, Teletrac Navman, Digital Matter, Geotab, SensorPush, Mix Telematics, and more!


Millions of fatigue and distraction events captured and stored from the Guardian by Seeing Machines solution.


Assets such as mine site lighting towers and crib rooms are monitored and controlled remotely using Momentum.

Momentum delivers a fully customisable environment


Customisable dashboards

With customisable, nested dashboards you can drill down into individual assets and compare datasets across a suite of visualisation tools.

You can also share or restrict access to data as required.


Scheduled PDF reports

Apply a time scale to your dashboard and you can schedule and publish reports as PDFs to preselected email recipients. This option is perfect for streamlining data sharing for morning meetings or regular end of month reporting.



Benchmarking is crucial for any continuous improvement initiative, so Momentum makes it simple.

You can compare specific historical datasets with current ones. Or you can assess your asset performance against other industry players to deepen your insight and support informed decision making.


Event and Alert generator

Create specific rules across different data sets to generate automatic email alerts. You can select the recipients and the exact event conditions for each alert.

For example, each time an asset exceeds 60km/hr in a geofenced location after 6:00pm while it’s raining, email details to the control room and operator trainer.

Ever-evolving technology = groundbreaking solutions

Collated data can deliver insights that go beyond the possibilities of individual systems. So, Momentum is becoming a powerful tool to explore and create bespoke product sets with industry leaders seeking better outcomes.

One such solution collects and combines a range of different Seeing Machines event data including driver fitness, sleep and heart rate, engine telemetry and light meter.

Analysis of the collated datasets can be used to predict fatigue issues or events before they occur. This one solution can improve the whole transport industry and literally save lives on the road.


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