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Adapting technology to suit a range of vehicles meant Advanced Braking Technology (ABT) needed Perth-based control system and harness experts they could rely on.

As a specialist automotive brake manufacturer, Advance Braking Technology (ABT) produces high-performance brakes for use in industries where safety and environmental responsibility are a priority.

ABT has consistently adapted its proven technology to suit a growing range of commercial vehicles used in some of the harshest conditions. They distribute their award-winning sealed braking systems worldwide. They are also the leading manufacturer and supplier of fail-safe brakes for commercial vehicles used in the Australian mining sector.

In 2010, ABT was manufacturing Failsafe braking systems with electronic harnesses and controllers attached. Having a supplier nearby that would be willing to make changes with a quick turnaround had become a key requirement. ABT was seeking a local electronic control system and harness manufacturer to work with their engineering team on a system upgrade. They had an electrical control box that needed updating with new, smarter technology, so they brought the project to Connect Source.

Problem: Increased automatic functionality required control system update

ABT’s automatic emergency braking systems have gone through three levels of development since they started working with Connect Source. One significant update to their Failsafe technology was carried out between late 2014 and mid-2015.

The emergency braking system needed greater functionality. It could only be applied manually using an emergency button or automatically if a vehicle door was opened or the engine was turned off. ABT wanted an upgrade that would enhance the control system and increase its capabilities.


Advanced technology delivered enhanced performance

Connect Source had developed new technology in-house that was ideally suited for ABT’s project. Both engineering teams went through the scope together and agreed on the required outcomes. Connect Source was proactive in their communications, which enabled them to work collaboratively with ABT to find a solution.

Drawing on their experience and specialist knowledge, Connect Source implemented the agreed software changes, then supplied the product to ABT for testing. Any corrective action requests resulting from the tests were sent through to Connect Source for implementation. They then provided several possible solutions for ABT to choose from until the software upgrade tests were finalised.

‘From the outset, the Connect Source team was great to deal with. After going over our scope with our engineering team, they listened to our requirements and took them on board. Then they went away and got to work on a solution.
Martin O’Driscoll, Senior Mechanical Designer, ABT


Advanced technology delivers improved functionality

The advanced technology developed by Connect Source gave the automatic emergency braking system an expanded range of functionality. The brakes could be applied automatically when the door was opened, if the seat belt was removed and if the engine stalled or was switched off. Once the product was approved, Connect Source manufactured the new control systems for ABT.

Reliable and Responsive Manufacturers

In addition to assisting with ABT’s project work, Connect Source also manufactures and customises harnesses for them.

‘Our harnesses need to work as generically as possible because we fit our brakes to a number of different vehicles. But, it’s not always achievable to use the exact same harnesses across the board, and that’s where the Connect Source team comes in.
Martin O’Driscoll, Senior Mechanical Designer, ABT

When ABT needs to make a design change, Connect Source has the expertise and the flexibility in its production process to deliver a fast turnaround. Consequently, ABT has developed a high degree of trust in Connect Source’s abilities.

The project to update the control box was a success. It marked the beginning of an enduring collaborative relationship. Since 2010, ABT has engaged Connect Source to work on a range of major projects.

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‘I would definitely recommend Connect Source to anyone in a similar engineering business that, like us, needs to work with specialists in electronic control systems and harnesses.’
Martin O’Driscoll, Senior Mechanical Designer, ABT

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