Harness Redesign

Excavator ECMs were inaccessible causing frequent, costly damage



Excavator ECMs were inaccessible causing frequent, costly damage

Penske Australia was dealing with an excavator that had tier two engines with an ECM (engine control module) that was underneath the walkway. It was virtually impossible to access the ECMs for troubleshooting or any other reason. This lack of access and the way the harnesses were connected resulted in people breaking them, which meant expensive downtime for the customer.


Harness redesign and manufacture

It was clear that the ECM needed relocating. To make this possible, a new heavy-duty harness had to be designed and manufactured to suit the new location of the ECM.

In addition to the ECM relocation, a single-cylinder exhaust temperature monitoring system was fitted to each engine and, in turn, also needed the harnesses designed and manufactured.

Connect Source collaborated with Penske Australia to solve the problem. Using a prototype, the engine’s ECM was moved to a higher location on the intercooler. The harnesses were redesigned to run to that. Connect Source then manufactured the customised braided excavator harnesses.


Custom-made, robust excavator harnesses and connectors make ECMs accessible

The new harnesses were more robust, providing greater protection against the harmful fine red dust that causes ongoing problems for harnesses and connectors. They generated savings on downtime and costs because people no longer caused damage every time they needed to work on the ECMs. Now, all the MTU powered R9800 Liebherr excavator machines in Australia are fitted with these harnesses.

‘Working on projects of any size with the team at Connect Source is always good because of the collaboration. They work with you to solve a problem and often come up with some other ideas that you haven’t thought of – from designing a prototype through to mass-producing it.’
Brian Leeder, Industrial Markets Technical Support, Penske Australia

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