Measure, Monitor & Locate

Measure, monitor and locate with ease


Identify opportunities to improve your operations

From saving time or money to saving lives, it all begins with reliable solutions to measure, monitor or locate your assets and people.

At Connect Source, we support technologies that have the power to transform processes, organisations and even whole industries.

Tools for improvement

New technologies that help you measure, monitor or locate assets and people more precisely can provide essential data to drive improvement in your organisation.


Identify and extract accurate asset data to gain insight into new strategies for refining your operational performance.


Gain greater understanding about how your people work, so you can improve and streamline your processes.


Measure and monitor asset health and performance to discover greater efficiencies that save time, money or both.


Accurately locate assets or people for health and safety purposes, and to identify continuous improvement opportunities.

Measure, monitor and locate to protect your people and your assets


Measuring flow, velocity, time or mass

Technology that accurately measures your asset’s performance helps you better understand its capacity and the true value it delivers.

These insights give you a reliable benchmark to predict outputs, identify process issues or alert you to poor asset health, especially in remote locations.


Monitoring driver fatigue or distraction

If managing driver fatigue and distraction is an issue for your organisation, Guardian by Seeing Machines is improving safety and performance across Australia’s transport industry.

Connect Source is proud to be the largest national distributor of this advanced technology.


Monitoring temperature, heat, humidity or pressure

Monitoring different elements of your asset health like temperature, heat, humidity or pressure enables you to ensure safe working conditions, especially in harsh, remote areas.

You can use the data to develop a planned maintenance program, reduce costly downtime and extend the life of your assets.



Locating assets or people (GPS)

Precise GPS tracking helps protect your people and assets in emergency situations.

GPS also helps you gain insight into driver behaviours, provides alerts for no-go zones and allows management of when and where assets are used.

Access to this data can help you develop time and cost saving efficiencies for your fleet.

Advanced technology solutions

Technology that delivers precise measuring, monitoring and locating capabilities can help you simplify and streamline your business or industry.

At Connect Source, we are suppliers, distributors and product development partners of advanced technology solutions.


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