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There’s a lot at stake when you’re searching for a dependable, versatile business to support your growth. Whether you need a supplier, manufacturer or distribution partner, it’s rarely a one-dimensional decision.

That’s why, at Connect Source, we work as a cohesive team to seek out better outcomes for your business. In fact, we find solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had.

Working on projects of any size with the team at Connect Source is always good because of the collaboration. They work with you to solve a problem and often come up with some other ideas that you haven’t thought of – from designing a prototype through to mass-producing it.
Brian Leeder, Industrial Markets Technical Support, Penske Australia

Future-focused family business with staying power you can trust

Whether you’re a start up with an untested concept, a growing OEM or an established business like us, new challenges arise every day. How you manage them determines your staying power.

At Connect Source, we’ve weathered a few storms in the 28+ years since our founder, Spencer Stacey, launched his Perth-based family business.

So, you can rely on our ability to innovate and create solutions that support and enhance your operations – in good times and in bad.


Connect Source will supercharge your business


Superior products and services

From the quality products to the quality people in our teams, we work tirelessly to deliver exceptional value for your business.

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Proactive product procurement

Our broad product range, our buying power and our manufacturing capabilities mean we can source any components or products you need.

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Quality Control

You can rely on the high standards of quality control we demonstrate across every area of our business.

Our Services

Exceptional customer service

Our outstanding customer support reflects our commitment to building a long-term relationship with you and supporting your success.

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Tailored electronic and technological solutions

Our capabilities range from customised turnkey solutions for your business to assistance at any stage of product development.

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Forging collaborative relationships with businesses large and small

If your product or equipment can be enhanced by smart technology, our unique ability to create breakthrough solutions spans industries, applications and technologies. It’s one of the reasons Connect Source has grown an enviable reputation as a resourceful B2B partner.

We have a proven track record for building enduring relationships by backing up our diverse range of products and services with exceptional customer support.

Whether you’re buying a product, developing one or seeking a distributor, you’ll discover we build relationships to last.

If you’re looking for help to develop your assets, people or data, ask how we can help.