AI, Data Aggregation & Analysis

AI, Data Aggregation And Analysis

Solving your business problems using your
data insights to create outcomes that add value

Reduce fatigue and Distraction
Optimise payloads
Save fuel
Manage maintenance
Improve driver operation

Harnessing the true value
of your data

Have you considered how many of your systems are collecting valuable data that you can’t access or don’t use? How much time does your team spend extracting datasets from different sources that could be more efficiently analysed through aggregation?

Using data aggregation, you can collect and connect your data in one place. Analysis becomes easier, quicker and more comprehensive. You can identify and extract useful information to gain insight into your operations, make decisions and drive action with confidence.

Innovators who dare
to be different

Our people have an innate ability to think like innovators and tirelessly seek out better solutions.

Skilled specialists

Our Momentum solution, backed by Elara AI, reflects a willingness to innovate that flows through and connects our people.

Momentum allows you to simplify and streamline your data collection and delivers powerful analysis capabilities you can trust.

Brilliant minds

Our entrepreneurial spirit is infectious, so we attract clever people with curious, creative minds.

When you work with our team, we help you uncover the power of AI and data aggregation as tools for improvement. We can’t help it – we’re incurable solution seekers.

Avid listeners

Consulting and collaborating with you is an essential part of our strategy.

So, we aim to be as enthusiastic about listening to your insights and input, as we are about finding you the best solution.

‘I would recommend Connect Source and Guardian by Seeing Machines to any company with a fleet of vehicles engaged in long hours or
high-risk work.’

Sean Banfield, Chief Information Officer, Lindsay Australia Limited

Transform data into insight and
insight into actions

By automatically pulling all your data into one location, you eliminate the frustrations and risks of manual data transfers. And, when you simplify data collection and analysis, you simplify decision making.

You create a reliable, single source of truth, so it becomes easier to make decisions that lead to action.


Smartening up your products

Are you exploring ways to create a smart product to enhance the capabilities of existing equipment?

Our unique Development Journey provides a framework to incorporate AI or data aggregation capabilities into your product.

Start your Development Journey

We can also help you integrate our Momentum system to drive improvements in your existing business using AI, data aggregation and data insights.

Our customer, Lindsay Transport, used data aggregation to successfully introduce a driver safety program.

Read our Case Study

Quality assured innovation

Quality assured every time
You can trust us to consistently deliver quality throughout our business.

Quality technology
Introducing smart technology can transform your business operations by delivering continuous improvement initiatives. Our driver fatigue and distraction system, Guardian by Seeing Machines, is transforming the transport industry and saving lives.

Like to know more about using smart technology and data aggregation to drive improvement in your business?