Electrical & electronics manufacturing

Producing and modifying parts and equipment
to keep you and your customers going strong, since 1992

Wire harnesses
Connector kits
Control boards
Cable assembly
Wire braiding
IOT technology
Communication technology

Experienced manufacturers
– industry pioneers

When you’re seeking manufacturing solutions, expertise and experience are essential.
But for superior outcomes, you need a manufacturer with a willingness and ability to innovate.

At Connect Source we’ve been electrical assemblers and manufacturers since 1992.

For decades, we’ve been manufacturing original and to-specification wire harnesses,
control boxes and intricate components in our Perth-based workshop.
So, you can feel confident that our demonstrated history of manufacturing
competence is matched by curiosity, and drive to find better solutions.

Incredible people –
incredible outcomes

Our high standards of manufacturing expertise are achievable because we’ve grown a team with a rich
diversity of talents that go beyond production skills.

Skilled specialists

Our manufacturing team includes highly experienced, qualified production specialists.

We can innovate. Build from drawings. Or assess, repair and replicate existing items. You can rely on our demonstrated flair for developing specialised products that allow intricate control of your assets.

Great Listeners

Whether you need a new product, a modification or a replica, you’ll find we’re skilful manufacturers – but we’re even better listeners.

You have valuable insight to contribute. So, consulting and collaborating with you is an essential part of our process for getting things done right.

Brilliant minds

Our entrepreneurial spirit sets us apart as manufacturers with vision, and we attract people with inquisitive minds.

So, whenever you work with us, we’ll search relentlessly to find superior solutions – we just can’t help ourselves.

‘Working on projects of any size with the team at Connect Source is always good because of the collaboration.
They work with you to solve a problem and often come up with some other ideas that you haven’t thought of – from designing a prototype through to mass-producing it.’

Brian Leeder, Industrial Markets Technical Support, Penske Australia

Innovators who dare to be different

You’ll soon discover we’re a little different from your average electrical and electronics manufacturer. Our ability to perform simple and complex assemblies, matched with our appetite for innovating, means we stand out as competent, forward-thinkers.

Whether you’re a start-up and or an established OEM, you can use our streamlined Development Journey to take your concept or prototype to market. Our manufacturing process fits into the complete Development Journey but can also be accessed as a standalone service.

Our versatile, solutions-focused approach to manufacturing means our happy customers include local start-ups and major OEMs like:


Quality underpins our
production process

Quality assured – you can rely on our ongoing commitment to delivering quality across our business.

Quality equipment – from branding machines of different sizes to CNC Routers and Automatic Wire Processing (AWP) machines. We’ve invested in a range of versatile, quality equipment to ensure we produce quality results.


Connect Source offers the ideal combination of resources, talent and innovative drive to
deliver your electrical and electronic assembly and manufacturing requirements.

Why not get in touch and find out how?