Vehicle Driver Safety Systems (DSS)

Common Questions and Misconceptions of DSS by Tim Howe at Connect Source.

It is becoming normal these days for all vehicle drivers, not just commercial and delivery drivers, to have an assortment of aftermarket technology solutions in the vehicle. The latest trend is towards Driver Safety Systems (DSS), or fatigue and distraction prevention systems to the uninitiated. Let's cover a range of these devices and see how this solutions are making a difference and some of the misconceptions.

How do these technologies work? Which one is right for me?

There is a range of different technologies flooding the market which make claims of making your journey a safer one. The below images clear up the different types of products and what may suit your needs the best:


Graph Explaining Driver Safety Systems


Pro's and Con's Of Various Driver Safety Systems


Q: I do not want my employer watching me. A: The guardian product is not CCTV, only footage from a distraction or fatigue event is uploaded to the cloud and shared with the employer.

Q: It does not work when you are out of 3G/mobile reception. A: The Guardian product operates all in-vehicle alerts (audible and vibration) regardless of mobile reception, with the event uploading to the cloud once back in range.

Q: It is too expensive to implement and maintain. A:The financial costs of an accident (replacement vehicle, increased insurance premiums, hire car, etc) are a very costly exercise, let alone the emotional cost of losing a loved one or co-worker, and far outweigh the cost of implementing this system.

Q: I do not do long haul driving so I do not need a DSS product. A: Contrary to popular belief most fatigue accidents happen within 90 minutes of taking off on a journey and happen all throughout the day/night.

Q: I know when I fall asleep, so I don't need a DSS product. A: A common story, people think they know when they are tired. However, our experience and many customer stories tells otherwise. While you may know you are tired, having a microsleep is often something you do not even realise has happened until it is too late and you have crashed your vehicle.

- Tim Howe, Customer Operations Manager

21st of September, 2020

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