RealWear Developer Academy

Connect Source Engineering Team, Mario, And Lorin Attend RealWear Developer Academy.

Connect Source is an authorised Value-Added Reseller of the globally leading Connected Work Solution, HMT by RealWear. In November 2020, Mario Bejarano and Lorin Tauss from the Connect Source Engineering team were excited to attend the RealWear Developer Academy. Mario shares his experience below and gives you an insight as to the skills and knowledge gained.


Lorin and I had the chance to delve into and learn more about the capabilities of the powerful HMT by RealWear. To anyone who is not familiar with RealWear, read more here.

At Connect Source, we are thrilled to be Australian Value-Added Reseller of this technology and are convinced that this is a game-changer for process innovation and improvement across all industries, including Mining, Oil and Gas, Transport, Manufacturing, and Agriculture.

Last year the whole world had a first-hand lesson on how important it is for staff to be able to work remotely. But for some jobs, you require staff to be on-site for a specific task, even if it is for simply inspecting an asset and ticking a form. This is where the RealWear HMT shines; the technology can remove the need for travel as inspections can be completed remotely if you have a remote expert. In addition to reducing costs for maintaining assets and serving your customers, the RealWear technology can also be used to increase productivity through hands-free workflows and getting employees the information they need quickly and conveniently in a hands-free form factor. Additionally, allows the user to use other tools and equipment, whilst focusing on their safety. So, safety benefits can also be realised from the use of the technology, in comparison to trying to hold clipboards, cameras, or mobile phones.

At the RealWear Developer Academy, we learned how to create a custom application controlled by voice using Android Studio and Unity. We also learned how to customise individual devices. For example, I customised my background to have it personalised. This would benefit company branding or could even be used by remote workers to see a photo of their family whilst conducting their work. This can also be done remotely at any time using Foresight by RealWear. Foresight is an online platform for managing your RealWear HMT. You can learn more about Foresight by watching this video. Administrators of the RealWear technology, can therefore always modify policies at any time on their company’s devices.

Both Lorin and I agreed that the RealWear HMT has been designed specifically for industrial, rugged environments to get work done, rather than a dainty piece of technology that ‘may’ be suited to industrial environments. For this reason, along with the incredibly well thought out design and strong technical capability, we are extremely excited to be authorised distributors of this leading product, the HMT by RealWear.

To learn more about the HMT by RealWear or to arrange a demonstration, please get in contact with us today.


Watch the video about RealWear here!

Mario Bejarano

28th of January, 2021