Connect Source Are Your Leading EV Charging Station Contractors

PRESS RELEASE: 10 February 2022

Perth-based electrical manufacturer Connect Source announced it will now supply electric vehicle charging stations for residential and commercial use, to help future proof homes and businesses ahead of the growing demand for electric vehicles. EV charging station contractors are leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Latest reports indicate Australian EV sales more than tripled from 6,900 in 2020 to 24,078 in 2021, making up 2.39% of the new car market.

Connect Source Chief Executive Officer, Michael Wishart said electric vehicle (EV) sales in Australia were growing exponentially, requiring a complete shift in the infrastructures of our cities and homes.

“EV sales in Australia are only just starting to take off, so now is the time to prepare for the transition - we will need to replace petrol stations with millions of EV charging stations in homes, businesses, and public spaces to ensure people have mobility when they need it,” he said.

“The switch to EV is now with large-scale positive impact, such as reducing dangerous exhaust emissions and fuel production as well as benefits for our own hip pockets because EVs can save the average Australian driver more than $4,000 a year in petrol.

“For households, installing these EV kits means you are future-proofing your home for living and resale, and for businesses, it shows a commitment to environmental responsibility.

“Businesses now have access to great government incentives when switching to an EV fleet, and Connect Source can assist with that transition.”

EV charging station contractors Perth

Mr Wishart warned buyers to be cautious when selecting an EV kit and installer, as this was an emerging field.

“The EV realm is a new one and it’s important people and businesses do their research into what they need, the best product to suit their needs and the right company to help them with their transition,” he said.

“Connect Source is getting into the EV field right from the start, because want to set the standard for quality across the industry in customizing EV charging solutions for the Perth market within homes, businesses, commercial and government.

“We know this is new territory for many people, so we want to use our decades worth of experience in electrical manufacturing to help our clients start their transition into the zero emission, cost effective e-mobile future.”

Connect Source is offering a free consultation and assessment for all new EV charging station installation, and has access to top-rated products as they are an independent manufacturer, not tied to any specific brand.

The company now has access to EV charging stations and intelligent software to tailor an EV charging solution to meet a wide range of needs that are compatible with all EV brands.


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About Connect Source,

Providing game changing solutions to overcome your challenges has long been a priority for Connect Source.  A WA based company started in 1992, they have constantly evolved and developed to meet their customer’s needs.  Building on their expertise in engineering and manufacturing they are now leading the way with smart tech, AI and data aggregation.