Hear From A Connect Source Team Member – Stephen Chapman

Life in Melbourne lockdown 4.0.

Generally, I am a private person and do not share a lot about myself personally. However as the world changed,  thought I would share a couple of insights into lockdown 4.0. Lockdown sucks - let's get that right on the table first! I miss the travel, getting out and seeing clients and the freedom to be able to do anything I bloody well like.  Yet, strangely I have adapted to this new norm and embraced it with a new determination.

To help remember what actual day it is, the wife and I remembered a little jingle from our childhood - like today is Friday right? Now that you all have that ridiculous tune in your head, the thing that has kept me going through these six months clearly is humour, however it has been the ability to continually find the right work/life balance. Creating new projects both at work and outside of work to do each and every week - it doesn't matter how big or how small - you keep yourself busy!

Some of the personal projects completed include building a Veggie-Pod, making traditional Xmas Pud, several Bacon and Eggs Pies, various Soups and our own Hummus, as well as revamping the Pantry with a complete new set of workable containers, along with other smaller projects - I think you get the idea. You can apply this creativity to your business life to, by continuing to think and look outside of the box to look for opportunities!

Covid is here to stay until a vaccine can be established, so we all need to learn to live with it - WA and TAS have their bubbles so life carries on; SA - is all good; VIC - need I say any more; NSW and QLD - are currently living life with Covid. All signs currently being presented, suggest December 1st borders will be open, which will allow us to travel again under strict protocol.

Life and business in Australia continues, admittedly different, however do not let Covid be an excuse not to do business - be respectful of it and follow all on-site rules when out seeing prospects.

- Stephen Chapman, Channel Sales - VIC, TAS, NSW, ACT

11th of September, 2020

Remember - "There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking." - Brian Tracy