How Seeing Machines Transform Safety and Productivity

The once futuristic, aspirational Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology is now sitting in the cabs of everyday trucks and vehicles across large and small operations. Just like that.

So, how is the technology revolutionising safety and productivity?

Freeing resources, ensuring quality and consistency of processes, driver safety and incident reduction – the new A.I. technology is not the sci-fi robots taking over human tasks pop culture leads us to believe, it’s as simple as a camera and software program.

It can watch and report on what, how, how much, even the facial expressions of your workers to ensure safety and production measurements and targets. Don’t understand what is being said here

Seeing Machines is an Australian innovator based in Canberra with the world’s most advanced human data-driven technology. Its systems enhance safety by reducing Fatigue & Distraction related accidents, with the aim of zero transport sector fatalities.

Many accidents involving vehicles on the roads and work sites can be traced back to human error, which means they are preventable, and Seeing Machines’ camera-based driver monitoring technology is honed in on just that.

Already Europe has mandated driver distraction technology for driver safety, required in all new passenger and heavy vehicles from 2025. Experts say it won’t be long before Australian workplace safety laws require the same.


The Technology Behind Seeing Machines

Already installed in 250,000 vehicles world-wide, this system had beginnings 20 years ago at the Sleep Sciences Department at the Australian National University, and now surpasses the technology of multimillion dollar global giants.

Seeing Machine’s ‘Guardian’ system collects and combines a range of AI data from the camera which monitors the  drivers face looking for eye closure, extended head movement and changes in skin patterns on the face, and when events are triggered it records vehicle speed,  location and time.

When it detects a fatigue, distraction, phone usage and over speeding event, the system triggers into action, setting off in-cab alerts in the form of either an audio and/or a powerful seat vibration designed in off-road environments like mining, to wake the driver up.

Immediately, data and footage are relayed to the 24/7 monitoring centre, and in the case of a Fatigue event then alerts the nominated manager, who can implement their own Chain of Responsibility measures in real-time.

The algorithms underpinning Guardian have been informed by billions of kilometres of real-world data points and a vast range of human behaviours – this includes operators and drivers wearing face masks, sunglasses, hats, wigs, jewellery.

Guardian is programmed to look out for all human behaviours that might indicate distraction. Seeing Machine’s understanding of human behaviour is unrivalled.


Seeing Machines in the Workplace

Guardian has proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90% and assist drivers to change behaviours and lifestyle habits over time to improve their own safety.

Guardian was initially tested and found its success in the mining sector, with Caterpillar being their first major client. Being able to survive these harsh conditions has given Guardian the capabilities and reliability on and off road, below and above ground.

Since it’s release, Seeing Machines has travelled  10billion kilometres, and detected over  13 million distraction events. In the past 12 months alone, over 235,000 Fatigue Interventions Plans have been implemented  by Seeing Machines.

Guardian can be retrofitted into existing vehicles, and Seeing Machines also have a driver monitoring system which can be installed during manufacture.


How Connect Source Can Help

Connect Source has experts in driver fatigue and distraction monitoring available to give your business an assessment.

Guardian by Seeing Machines is supported by a larger platform ‘Momentum’, which fully integrates your existing business systems and disparate data sources to bring them together in one place.

Momentum uses a suite of business intelligence tools to unlock the true value of your data in ways that make sense to your individual business – it can deliver insights that go beyond the possibilities of individual systems to make it a powerful asset for any logistics business.

Find out how Guardian by Seeing Machines, supported by Momentum, can protect your drivers and the future of your business by speaking with experts at Connect Source today.