Monthly Team BBQ Catch Up

Perth The Sunniest City In Australia, Except Today.

Every month we try to have a monthly catch up with the team both the ones located in Perth but also through Zoom with team mates located in Melbourne and Brisbane. Usually Perth is the sunniest city in Australia with its 147 sunny days, but not today! Although the rain was in the air we managed to have our BBQ and cook up some sausages. Highlight people that have put in the extra effort within the team and to the person that have gone above and beyond, give out the legends award! Which this month was given to our legend team member Rochelle! Taking a longer lunch break than normal and check in with each other and how everyone is doing, how the week has been and upcoming weekend plans!

We are already looking forward to next months BBQ and hopefully Perth will show off with its beautiful weather!

2nd of October, 2020