Monthly Team BBQ Catch Up

Perth, The Third Windiest Capital City In The World.

End of the month and time for a new monthly BBQ catch up with the team. This time the sun was shining and Perth was treating us with 32 degrees celsius and living up to being the sunniest city of Australia, but also living up to being the the top three windiest capital cities in the world, a fun fact that you might not know off.

The Connect Source team gathered together through Zoom from Melbourne and Brisbane and in person at our head office in Perth. Catching up over some sausages, ice cream and great company. Our engineering team has been great BBQ masters both last BBQ as well as this time, cooking them to perfection. Taking a break from the day and enjoying eachothers company, and hearing the quarterly company update. And like always give some extra recognition to the people that have gone above and beyond, and put in the extra effort within their team and the company in whole. For this month our legend team member was Wendy!


Connect Source Team Member Lorin, Cooking Up The BBQ.

It was a great Thursday and like always we are looking forward to the next monthly catch up with the team.

29th of October, 2020