Petrol Prices Fast-Track Electric Vehicles, Posing Charging Dilemma

PRESS RELEASE: 14 June 2022

Petrol Prices Fast-Track Electric Vehicles, Posing Charging Dilemma

Rising petrol prices have pushed the Electric Vehicle (EV) future closer than anticipated, so with more drivers and businesses considering the transition, the biggest question now is – ‘how do we solve the charging dilemma?’

One WA company with a long history in electrical manufacturing has taken on the challenge. Connect Source Chief Executive Officer, Michael Wishart said EV charging was now a pressing matter for our State.

“A transition to an EV future is coming quicker than many expected, fast-tracked by rising petrol prices, so it’s more than likely most West Australian’s next car will be electric,” he said.

“The reality is, EV sales in Australia are only just starting to take off, so now is the time to prepare for the transition - we will need to install petrol stations with millions of EV charging stations as well as homes, businesses and public spaces to ensure people have mobility when they need it.

“EV was a natural progression for us in the electrical technology field, but it’s not familiar territory for many, which is why there seems to be a disconnect or mistrust when it comes to taking the leap into an EV.

“Perceptions around adequate charging facilities, technology and economics are holding back many from making a transition, which could actually save the average Aussie driver more than $4,000 a year on petrol.”

Mr Wishart said many decision makers felt uncertain, without a history of experience and knowledge when it came to EVs.

“Many architects, urban planners, builders, businesses as well as householders feel like they’re taking a stab in the dark - brands, power sources, future proofing infrastructure are just some of the confusing factors,” he said.

“This is where we see our role as electrical manufacturers – stepping in to lead the way and underpin the growing infrastructure demand with quality advice and equipment.

“To avoid fears becoming a reality, or lack of preparation costing more down the track, turn to experts who know all the usual pitfalls and hurdles and how to future proof so you get it right the first time.”

Connect Source has been providing electrical technology solutions for more than 30 years.

“We are sole distributors of some of Australia’s leading brands in EV, but we’re also brand agnostic, so we’ll find the ideal solution for any unique application, including large scale infrastructure projects,” Mr Wishart said.

Mr Wishart warned buyers to be cautious when selecting an EV kit and installer, as this was an emerging field.


“The EV realm is a new one and it’s important people and businesses do their research into what they need, the best product to suit their needs and the right company to help them with their transition,” he said.

“Connect Source is getting into the EV field right from the start, because want to set the standard for quality across the industry in customizing EV charging solutions for the Perth market within homes, businesses, commercial and government.”

Connect Source is offering a free consultation and assessment for all new EV charging station installations with access to top-rated products as an independent reseller, with turkey solutions.

The company now has access to EV charging stations and intelligent software to tailor an EV charging solution to meet a wide range of needs that are compatible with all EV brands.


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About Connect Source:

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