Review of Guardian by Seeing Machines

Tim Betts from Sadleirs explains how Guardian by Seeing Machines is helping to keep their people safe.

Sadleirs has worked closely with Connect Source to install Guardian Fatigue Monitoring systems into a number of our linehaul prime movers. These vehicles are predominantly utilised for the transportation of equipment and supplies from Perth to Chevron operations based at Dampier Supply Base and Barrow Island.

"Driver engagement with the new system commenced prior to installation, to help alleviate any concerns or apprehensions that the drivers may have had. This open and collaborative approach helped to increase driver confidence in the system. Drivers quickly realised that the system was primarily there to protect themselves whilst driving, as well as other road users.

Initial experiences of the system being triggered due to distraction or confirmed fatigue events certainly raised conversations, with the captured footage being used to train and coach individual drivers. The Guardian Fatigue Monitoring system has proven that it can and will save drivers’ lives and prevent endangering other road users.

Our drivers regularly voice that they feel more confident knowing the fatigue monitoring system is installed. It’s monitoring drivers’ levels of fatigue and reacting when a distraction or fatigue event is recorded. I am extremely pleased with how the system works and feel more assured having the knowledge that distraction and fatigue event alerts are sent to our business in real time to prevent an incident."

Tim Betts, National Safety Manager, Sadleirs.
Guardian by Seeing Machines is supplied, serviced and installed by Connect Source Pty Ltd, based in Perth WA.

1st of September, 2020

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