Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Ordering Your Wiring Harness

What is a Wiring Harness?

Wiring harnesses are an essential part of any electrical system

A wiring harness is a specially designed bundling systems to provide signals to and from sensors, solenoids, displays, etc and come in a variety of shapes and sizes specifically designed and manufactured to your machine. Ease of installation and best use of space is critical in the design of wiring harnesses.

What seems like a simple idea, is very complex in practice – dozens of individual wires branching off in different directions but become part of one harness.

Whether you are looking for a new wiring harness kit design, remanufacture of an existing product, or repair, you don’t want wiring that fails in harsh conditions, overseas substitutions, delayed production and delivery, or designs that don’t match your needs.

Here are three top questions to ask to find the right wire harness supplier.


#1: Who is the company and the team?

Experience and knowledge are directly correlated to the performance of the product.

Look for a supplier who understands your local industry. A local team is invaluable when it comes to collaboration and a supply chain unhindered by international delays or national disruptions. It also means efficient communications at all stages and improved turnaround times.

Can the team listen to your needs? Rather than a pre-packaged solution, ideally a supplier can carry out end-to-end services – drawings, design, production and installation –all part of the same team, not separated across third or fourth parties.

The many small nuances of the hands-on techniques, like crimping and connectors, can mean perfect functioning or failure. You want to know an expert team are on the job to avoid troublesome breakdowns, down time and repairs later on.


#2: What is the quality control process?

Find out where the company source their supplies, which will impact delivery times and determine the lifespan of your wiring harness kit.

Importantly, find out the quality and control measures the company use throughout the entire process. The Connect Source benchmark for this is the choice to measure ourselves and be independently certified against three of the most well-known ISO standards, with quality control tests carried out at each design and manufacturing stage. This ensures the safety of your equipment and your staff.

When your wire harness kit needs to work in harsh conditions, harness braiding helps to ensure they’ll stand up to the elements. Check whether this is something your supplier will include.


#3: Is it customisable?

Will your supplier work with you from design to install in collaboration, or just provide a cookie cutter product without the follow-up support?

A collaborative approach will find the best solution and specific wire harness kit you need. Look for a supplier that can take care of all aspects of designing and manufacturing, customising to your specifications to find a bespoke solution.

When you have come up with this unique design, ensure you can reorder in future, without reinventing the wheel – that your supplier keeps your design on hand for reordering.


Connect Source

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